It probably all began when we adopted a ‘Chain Of Hearts’ and sat it in the living room at home on the top of a tall bookcase, where it was quickly forgotten. Within the month we noticed that it had grown considerably and started to pay closer attention. From that time, years ago now, our fascination with indoor plants grew, along with that ‘Chain Of Hearts’.

Since then, the collection at home has increased to a staggering number but that’s just how we like it. Plants bring such a lovely relaxing feel to a space, we cannot imagine our own home without them. They’re a little bit of the great outdoors indoors – always changing and evolving and bringing us joy.

The seed of creating our very own botanical brand was sewn quite a few moons ago and we bring to you the culmination of our efforts, of which we are very proud. Evergreen Collective is a new and exciting offering of all things botanical; pots and pot stands that will make your plants look incredible in your home.